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Sandy McKnight Syncs “Young Hearts on Fire” for Upcoming Film

By Ned Newberry @ Music Gateway on 31 May 2018

It never gets old working with the talented members of Music Gateway. Sandy McKnight is one of our Influencer members, a 40-year veteran of the music business and one of the latest members to secure a Sync deal with a major production.

In the 70s, Sandy was an in-demand bassist for live and studio work. He played with the New York City-based bands Numbers, The Coupons (with future Smithereens drummer Dennis Diken), Spitfire Boys, The Truants, and others. His dues-paying gigs included 2 years in the seminal “punk-funk” outfit Free and Easy, with future 5-time Downbeat poll-winner, trombonist Ray Anderson.

By the 1980s, Sandy was working with top-name artists as a session player, while continuing to be a part of successful NYC bands. Not content to stop there, Sandy would go on to open a production company in Hollywood specialising in diverse, up-and-coming artists while composing music for tv and film. Sandy has continued to perform and produce, releasing multiple tracks in various genres.

Which brings us to now, Music Gateway’s Sync department were looking to source tracks for a film set in the 80s. Unfortunately we can’t reveal the name of the film as it's still in production but as soon as we can, we’ll be back to share the good news. However, thanks to Sandy’s decade-spanning career, he had just the thing in his catalogue. The song is ‘Young Hearts On Fire’ and the style is a blend of thumping new-wave and punchy pop beats that not only perfectly captures the era but wouldn’t be out of place in the opening titles of a spy movie.

"It was an easy deal, as I had just the thing in my catalog. I have recordings from the 70s, 80s to today, and my song ‘Young Hearts on Fire’ was chosen for a film which takes place in the 80s. Great working with Lucas, who always answered my questions in a timely manner."

While it might have seemed that ‘Young Hearts on Fire’ would be consigned to the annals of 80s classics, the track has found new purpose in the form of Sync. As Sync & Licensing Manager, Lucas Illiev explains:

“You never know what music supervisors will be looking for on their projects. We have a pretty good idea of what’s popular and what’s coming up. But it’s really down to having members like Sandy, who have such a large portfolio that spans such a wide range of genres, while also being high quality tracks. It’s always great to find the right stuff and to know it’s quality music every time, it’s what keeps our clients coming back.”